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Loving life, loving art, and always grateful.

Elizabeth realized at a very young age that art and creating was her passion, her calling. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, she commenced working at an advertising agency in Toronto. Elizabeth enjoyed the city life but was offered an opportunity to travel across Canada and throughout the United States with fellow artists, deepening her appreciation for nature and the arts. Upon her return to Ontario, she settled out of the city to a smaller town establishing a successful illustration studio called Illustratus. Liz displayed her diversity by creating illustrations and designs for businesses such as Pet Smart as well as fine art commissions for collectors such as NHL hockey players.

Several years later, on a meditation retreat, an important event occurred in Elizabeth’s life. She reconnected with her inner child. Simultaneously while in New York City,  Elizabeth was introduced to Instinctualism; a movement which began in New York and is characterized by joyous and colorful artwork. The two events profoundly shifted her artistic focus forever. Elizabeth now paints in thick oils with an impressionistic vigor hoping to rouse the inner child in her viewer. Her work helps you feel the joy in the vivid colors and subjects.

Elizabeth’s work has been exhibited in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver & Victoria, British Columbia. Her work has also been featured in a number of magazines. Most recently her work has been featured in ‘Women in Art 278’. Liz is also looking forward to a solo art exhibit in Stayner, Ontario, Canada in the Spring of 2018. Watch our events page for more information.

Elizabeth’s themes are those that resonate with her inner child. Subjects that make her smile or inspire a sense of awe often bring her into the studio for 8 to 15 hour days. These subjects can be anywhere and anything; from driving down a road and seeing a breathtaking field of sunflowers to the way light sparkles on a koi pond. But whatever the subject, Elizabeth’s works are easily recognized by her distinct style, and her use of vibrant colours and generous textures.