Rational Expressions

John David Anderson

Canadian Contemporary Impressionist

“Painting is a way for me to express what I see. Within me are ways of seeing which are mine although they are built upon many traditions from generations of artists and their practices long before me. Charles Hawthorne, a noted New England painter of the 1920’s, wrote that we have a duty to find beauty in the ordinary. I look for elements of beauty within anything that light touches.

My work evolved from an oil painter’s perspective of brush on canvas. I use paint tonally, applied with rich colour and an impressionist character. For me, it is the light that drives the composition, more so than the subject itself. Movement throughout my work is driven by the interplay of warm and cool colour. Fluctuating emphasis of light and shadow, along with the use of lost and found edges, enhances that movement.”

John is the manager of Curry’s, a fine arts supply store, in Barrie, Ontario. He is an award-winning painter, who spends much of his time teaching and lecturing from his experiences.  For 13 years, John has taught introductory and advanced plein air painting at The Haliburton Campus of Fleming College in its summer program.

Reprinted with permission from the artist.


April  2009 Mad and Noisy Gallery, Creemore, Ontario – solo show

May 2009 Dunedin Art Retreat – May 10 – 15th – Oils workshop

June 2009 Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Studio Tour

June 2009 Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting – Plein air Workshop

September 2009 Purple Hills Studio Tour, Creemore, Ontario.

April 2011 Mad and Noisy Gallery Show – with Sculptor Katherine Beatty

June/July 2011 Double Door Gallery Anten Mills – Show with C.A. Henry

June 2011 Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting – 4th year of classes in Oil Plein Air