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Painting With Glass – Isle of Wight Studio Glass

September 23rd, 2017 by

We are happy to have Isle of Wight Studio Glass at the gallery and encourage you to come in and see it for yourself. These handcrafted pieces of art are unique and exceptionally beautiful. It is hard to imagine how Timothy Harris is able to create glass that looks as though it has been painted in some way and not constructed entirely of glass. Darren, the gallery owner, has visited the studio and has come back amazed and inspired by the skill on display. It is on my bucket list still. You can see our collection available for sale here –

Isle of Wight At Rational Expressions Gallery



When we brought this artwork to the gallery we were the only Canadian source of it and believe that we still are to this day. Collectors come from all over the world and there is a wonderful story of pieces from Texas in their latest newsletter. Here is a link to the newsletter. Have a read and treat your eyes to this unique pieces. There is a spectacular piece that was presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth and many others.

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